Wednesday, September 7, 2011

No Do-Overs Allowed

I've wasted too much time mourning the past and wishing I could have a do-over. This would be nice and most of us would take advantage of a chance to "fix" what we perceive as wrongdoings from our past. But then I suddenly realized that if I were able to change things I may do more harm than good.

More harm by fixing things? Really?

I believe that God is ultimately in charge of all things, including me. At least, that what I say...but in reality I have been a control freak all my life. (I just recently admitted to this shortcoming) If I felt I was in control, then how could God be in control, too? Impossible!

Well, not really impossible. God just let me think I was in charge. He did give us freewill after all. So, let's just say that while I was freely making my own choices, he was sitting back allowing me to have my way. This is much like a parent does with their child. We warn, advise and direct our children about many things, but often when they refuse to be directed we just allow them to discover we were right. Suffice it to say, God let me do as I wanted when I refused to be directed.

God knew the mistakes I would make and the regrets I would have because of them. In each mistake I learned a lesson and eventually came to place where I know now my Heavenly Father really is wiser than I. Ah! Doesn't this sound familiar when adult children suddenly realize their parents were smarter than they thought?

God in his infinite wisdom lets his children run amok when they refuse to listen knowing that eventually most of us will grow up and realize his ways are the right ways. He loves us enough to allow us to have freewill.

So no do-overs allowed! But many lessons learned...

I am NOT in control!

What a relief!

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  1. I think you are right, it's a relief we aren't in charge! It is so hard to see the big picture and we have to trust that God works good out of ALL situations--for those that love Him. We might not even know or see what that means on this side of Heaven, but he is working good. And...a God who loves us so very, very much, more than we love our children really does have the very best for us.

    Have loved reading through your blog this morning and getting to know you! :) Thanks for sharing some of your life!


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