Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Just a brief post to fill you in on how my exercising is going. I was Steady Eddy last week and managed to do my `thang` every day. It was PAINFUL, but I must admit I did feel somewhat better afterward. I mostly noticed my energy levels immediately jumped up a notch or two. So I went from coma level to semi-conscious! Yea!

Sadly I missed 3 days in a row and now feel like I`m starting over. DRAT!! Why does it take so little to lose all you`ve gained. So, after a short pause, I`ll dive back in and will not get defeated! Big talk, eh.

Nevertheless, I found several new exercises on a spine rehab website that may be beneficial (assuming they don`t kill me in the process!). It mixes things up and hopefully helps keep me going. It isn`t easy to find just the right kind of exercises that will get me fit, but won`t exacerbate the back injury.

More importantly is discovering a way to keep mentally fit. Trust me when you hurt like HE double hockey sticks BEFORE you even start exercising and you know it`s going to hurt even more during the session; the temptation is to crawl back into bed! The mental effort may exceed the physical. Still I`m determined to find a way to live well with this disability, painful or not. So, I`ll sign off with a cheery ``later alligator,after awhile crocodile``!!

Pain is no evil unless it conquers us.
George Eliot