Monday, July 26, 2010

A Dream come True

My hubby called me yesterday and asked what I thought about going ahead and borrowing money to finish the renovation project on our home. What I thought??? My goodness, I thought; "Yippee, Yahoo!!"

To give a little history; our home is 34 years old and in bad need of an upgrading. Yes, we do still have shag carpeting!! Anyway, we started this upgrade 5 or more years ago and although it has moved along and one floor of our two-story home is almost completed, there is still lots to do inside and out. My hubby has been doing most of the work as time and money allows. Herein lies the problem...time and money has come in short, little bursts; thus the delay. I have been waiting patiently and living in the middle of a reno for far too long. To contract it out and have it completed in a few short months would be absolutely heavenly!

This project includes new siding, windows and roof on the outside. New kitchen cabinets, hardwood flooring in living/dining rooms and yes, new carpeting. Oh how I'll miss that old, gold shag...NOT!! We will also, be finishing the basement into a loverly games room.

Although I'm not excited about having my life upset more with workmen running around my home; it'll be worth the short-term pain. I pray the loan works out and everything comes together as planned. I will keep you posted as I endeavor to select new carpeting, paint, kitchen cabinets, hardwood, etc., etc.

This is all very mind-boggling, but I am delighted and thrilled with the expectation. God willing; it has been a long time coming...

Monday, July 12, 2010

My Daily Life

I can't believe I haven't posted since April! How pathetic is that? Surely I must have more going on in my life than the "Once in a blue moon" event in which I consider worthy of posting?

This is my problem. I feel I need to wait for some eventful happening or benevolent insight before I post; which naturally doesn't happen with any regularity. So, this means any loyal followers are going to find my meandering scripts few and far between. No doubt with such a drought in postings my followers are bound to drift off to more fertile fields, which I don't blame them.

So, I'll forget about waiting for those divinely inspired revelations (should I be blessed by their happenings) and simply keep my followers engaged with all my electrifying day-to-day deeds. Ahhh, this could be interesting since I'm stuck at home with a back injury and am often left to gravel at the feet of the LOCAL newspaper just to discover what's been happening in my world.

No matter. I will attempt to enthrall my followers with astonishing and unforeseen episodes for my daily life!! I bet you can hardly wait to see where this could lead me? Think of the potential! My excursions to the basement to do laundry! Daily check-ups on Oprah, Doc Phil, Ozland and Ellen should supply endless posting material! My feeble attempts to get my life in order...oh I could go on and on, but better for you to just check in regularly. Hope to see you soon...