Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Plan

I exercised yesterday. Well, at least I tried, but having a back injury isn't exactly conductive to exercising. I didn't jump (not that I could jump) into this willy-nilly; I did research on what types of exercises someone like me (over 50 and crippled) could do. I'd hoped my research would discover that all the professionals would recommend rest, lots and lots of rest. Sadly, it seems exercise is just about the finest thing one can do for just about any back injury. Imagine that!

So, thus armed with all this information I developed a quasi professional exercise plan that supposedly will lessen my pain in the long run. It definitely must be in the "long run" because it hurt like HE - double hockey sticks!! It involves a series of stretching, flexibility training and core building.

For those of you who have been under a rock I'd like to inform you that core building is the quintessential exercise. It is the basis behind a strong back. The core or abdominal muscles ( both external and internal) support the back so, if you build a strong core, viola', you get a strong back! If you have a strong back all other exercises are easier and you're unlikely to ever injure your back. So, I take it that I didn't have a strong core prior to injuring my back?? So, tell me if I'm wrong here...but, building a strong core now seems a little like closing the barn doors AFTER the horse got out!!

Nope. The professionals all agree that core building even after a back injury can aid the return to "reasonable" health. What "reasonable health" means to my back, only time will tell. So, core building it is. For you younger gals, I'd suggest you seriously consider doing your core building NOW rather than wait until you're a half century old!

The "Plan" is to do these exercises every morning for a couple of weeks then add some cardio via the stationary bike, swimming or walking. Although I'd love to walk, currently it's far too difficult and I need to use a walker so, I'll have to bike or swim until I get stronger or pain-free enough to walk. My daughters don't know this yet, but I intend to involve them in my little swimming venture.

I've only exercised one day and I have never been one of those exercise nuts; you know the ones who get that glazed look when they talk about getting in the "zone". The only zone I'm truly interested in is the handicap one by Dairy Queen, but I digress... So, I will have to give myself a daily pep talk before I dig out my mat and start sweating to the "oldies"!

In the interest of feeling better so, I can pursue my Eden, I guess I must might the bullet and build a strong core. Yesterday was a start and hopefully I can continue to face adding pain to the pain until that day when I can proclaim, "Exercise is the BEST thing I could ever do for a back injury!" Yea!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Start Today!

I have lived over half a century. Wow! Even I can't believe it when I say it, but somehow the years slipped by and here I am in 2011 and have most likely lived at least two thirds of my life.

It's humbling to think in those terms. I was one of those young people who made the mistake of thinking I had lots of time. I lived recklessly thinking one day I would take better care of myself, save for the future, pursue dreams and in general, do more with my life. One day... Well, one day has come and I didn't get ready for it at all. Which is why I've spent the past two years feeling sorry for myself and living in regret. Another devilish lie to help me waste the time I've been given on this earth.

I'm done listening to the lies. The time to do things is now and if you're reading this and are still young enough to be foolish, STOP! Listen to this old broad; there isn't all kinds of time to do whatever you dream about. It will slip away in raising kids, doing laundry, cooking and cleaning. It will escape you while you're mindlessly entertaining yourself with television, video games or gossiping with girlfriends. Do it now, even if it's just small increments. It will add up and when you've reached the half century mark, you can reflect back with satisfaction rather than regret.

If you're an old broad like myself; quit listening to the lies that it's too late, why bother or you're too old. The time lost is lost, but God can bless our mess if we'll just step up and start living our dreams now! Start believing in yourself and stop wasting time. Maybe you may never have the fullness of what it might have been, but there is still time to do something.

So today is my day to start doing what I should have done 20 or 30 years ago. Who knows what this Grandma might accomplish with God's blessing? Whatever comes of living now will be better than continuing to live in regret. Regrets are for the foolish and unwise. It doesn't matter if you're 30, 50 or 75. Whatever it is you've thought you will do "one day", start today. Whatever comes of it is better than wishing on your death bed that you'd stopped wasting your life and letting time slip away with dreams and goals left unforfilled.

I will let my dear readers (I hope you are out there...) in on my progress as I start pursuing my Eden. No more regrets. No more believing the lies. This old broad is going to rock and roll....